Meet Sherry


My passion for design and beauty goes as far back as my childhood days, growing up in a historical scenic region in North Western Iran known as Azarbaijan. Surrounded by the bewildering beauty of the white-tipped strato-volcanoes, meandering rivers, clay-red mountainous cascades, crystal blue lakes and the breathtaking Caspian Sea, my birthplace was a place I derived much happiness and inspiration; it instilled within me a zeal for beauty and perfection. 


As a young child, I loved helping with the family business of exporting fruit from my grandparents’ gardens, which involved picking, pitting, and arranging fresh, bright, orange apricots in delivery trays. My favourite part was decorating the trays. Not only with apricots, but with vividly colourful flowers and shiny green leaves, delicately arranged amongst the apricot rows. I believe those apricot trays of my childhood were my first design project. 

From the trays, I moved on to decorating bedrooms and kitchens and then entire homes for family and friends in a small town where the profession of interior design did not even exist.

Knowing I wanted to make a life out of playing with beautiful shapes, colours, and settings, I specialized in art during my high school years, and went on to earn my Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts at the Tehran Azad University. After I moved to Vancouver I completed my education by obtaining a Diploma of Interior Design from British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).


“Don’t be afraid to look at your home as if it’s a piece of art”

— Sherry


The breadth of my work is expansive, and ranges from full-scale building plans to design consultations. I have been involved in projects from the ‘blank canvas’ stage of building a brand new home, where I have been engaged with the architects from the beginning sketches; to advising on interior design elements and hardware selection in home renovations; to art positioning and furniture lay out, and minor cosmetic changes. 

I believe any space you spend time in has to be visually pleasing, as the environment in which you surround yourself has a direct impact on your emotional state. From where you first wake up in the morning; to where you sit down to have your first cup of coffee; to where you work; and, then come back to unwind and release the day, each space has to please the senses and bring peace and joy. 


“Nature is my muse.
My inspiration. It never makes mistakes. Shapes and colours in nature are the truest form of beauty”

— Sherry


Many designers, whether in interior décor, fashion, landscape, or cars, have influenced my work. I believe shapes and colours in nature are the truest form of art and beauty, as nature never makes mistakes. 

I am deeply connected to my clients and enjoy working on every aspect of each endeavour. I work with each client’s vision and budget; My approach to each home is with passion as if it is my own.