Q&A with Sherry


Q. What do you enjoy most about interior design? 

I love that you are constantly working with beauty. Correcting or beautifying spaces is my passion and has been ever since I was a little girl. I never imagined doing anything else, it’s in my blood. 

Q. How important is interior design? 

It is extremely important in my opinion. Your home and workplace are where you spend the majority of your time, where you “live”, whether you are entertaining or enjoying time with your family. Why not have that space be visually pleasing and inspiring to you? Enjoy your cup of coffee in a kitchen you adore, or wind down on a couch you love sinking into to release the day. Any space you spend time in has to be as visually pleasing because I believe the environment you surround yourself in has a direct impact on your emotional state.  

Q. Who are your favourite designers? 

Along my interior design journey, I have been inspired by many great designers, including Michael Smith’s timeless, classic interiors; Thomas Pheasant’s simple and white elegant work; and Kelly Wearstler’s brevity with colours and forms in the smallest of places.

Q. What are some key design elements? 

I like any style - modern, high-trend, or classic. The key is that it just has to come together nicely in the end. I also love mixing timeless pieces with a little trend. 

Q. What inspires your work? Where do you draw inspiration from?  

Nature is my inspiration. Shapes and colours in nature are the truest form of art and beauty, as nature never makes mistakes. Balancing colours and shapes takes years of experience, particularly knowing how much of each to use. However, nature encourages you to take risks. If you follow the patterns in nature, you can feel free to mix soft with sharp, and contrast colours, in the same way as nature does all around us. 

Many designers - whether in interior décor, fashion, landscape or cars - have influenced my work as well.  But my favourite muse has always been Nature.  

Q. Do you have any designer tips you think everyone should know and practice? 

Have courage, be brave and change the little things that have a big impact. Making small changes can have drastic results. For example, if you change your side lamp from white to black, everything in the room changes. Also, I recommend to work on tying key passion pieces together. For example, put all your decorative small pieces scattered around the room together on a tray. For example, gather books and candles, and present all the pieces on a beautiful tray.

Q. What’s a memorable moment in your career? 

One of my favourite memories is when my client said, “We totally trust you taking charge of our house from head-to-toe. Here are the keys to the house - we are on vacation for the next three months!” They came back and were so happy with their newly designed home. 

Q. If there is one message you wish to share with others? 

Be brave and have the courage to look at your home as a piece of art. Use a splash of any of your favourite colours here and there.